Logitech Rally is a top of the line video conferencing system that allows you to connect remotely with business partners or customers in a professional setting. Its studio quality camera creates a sharp Ultra-HD image with technology designed to emphasize faces even in dim or backlit spaces. The technology syncs with a wide variety of video conferencing applications like Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Skype® for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Add to this a microphone that provides crystal clear audio and suppresses background noise to ensure every active voice in the room can be heard, and you’ve got yourself the perfect technology for medium to larger conference rooms.

We specialise in installing this technology into your desired conferencing space so it functions at its optimum ability. Whether you are in the same office building or on other sides of the world, you’ll feel like you are meeting from across the room.


Logitech Rally Installation at the Sparwood Chamber of Commerce, BC, Canada