5 Google tools to help your Small Business succeed



Some of these tools are free and some of them are paid but make no mistake about it, Google has put out some amazing products that can help the average small business owner succeed in today’s technology driven world.

1. Google Apps For Work

This suite of tools offers everything you need to get started communicating in the online world.  First is their email service which is hands down the best and most consistent out there. Then there is Google Drive’s file sharing application to deal with all your file backup needs.  Follow that with a cloud based Office suite (Google Docs) that functions well with Word, Excel, and Power Point. Sync Google’s Calendar with any of your existing calendars plus it’s bundled with excellent IOS or Android Apps.

You can either get a free account (with Gmail; ex. yourname@gmail.com) or a paid account (with your own domain; ex. you@yourdomain.com) but both offer similar tools.



2. Google My Business (formerly Google Places for Business)

This little beauty is a service that helps potential customers find your business through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ as well.  This is a very powerful tool and highly recommend for online and brick and mortar businesses.


3. Google Webmaster Tools

This tool will do wonders for your website’s Search Engine Optimization and the way that Google treats your website’s content.  Submit your sitemap to Google to improve your site’s visibility and help identify improvements.


4. Google Analytics

Everyone who owns a website should know how their potential clients are using it.  Google Analytics takes care of the hard work for you. Find out exactly who is visiting your site and where they are coming from.


5. Google Hangouts

This powerful Google product allows you to reach out and connect with your customers via video or voice chat.  Host a video meeting with up to 10 people simultaneously with Google Hangouts and even stream live video to your followers with You Tube integration.